Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vinayagar Chaturthi


Ganesh Chaturthi or vinayagar chaturthi is celebrated widely across India with much fanfare and delight. Ganesha is the most easily pleased and the lovable deity of all hindu households. Any work big or small is begun with a prayer to ganesha.Such is his power that he demolishes all the obstacles and is rightly called Vighnaharta!!!
I love ganesha and have fond memories of the celebrations at my place before marriage. I remember how my mother used to pick n choose the ganesha idol to be brought home taking care not to pick any flawed piece. Though many idols of various materials are available , man pillyar ( made of clay) was the one that was usually chosen by her and on the chaturthi it is decorated and a special prayer is done. Of course the neivedhyam of  kozhukattai, sundal, laddus are to die for. The idol then is immersed in a lake/pond/river and is given a tearful farewell

After marriage i made sure that i continued the pujas with the same fervour and look forward to the bringing of idol. While in mumbai the celebrations multiplied manifold with the city adoning a carnival look. The celebrations continued for 10 days there and the day of immersion or visargan was even more colourful.

Now i am in trichy and the celebrations have already started . The chaturthi is 3 days from now and the whole neighbourhood adorns a festive look. The Ganesha temple in my neighbourhood is abuzz with various activities for the past 10 days and there is the alangaram or decoration of the pillayar idol. The alangaram is not on the main idol but another bronze idol and it is placed a special pedestal from which he can shower his blessings
Of course the main idol also has silver kavacham ( velli kavasam--- body armour made of silver) and will continue to remain on Him for another week.

But the attraction for this week are the special alangarams on the bronze deity. Yesterday's alangaram was Bala GanapathyBala means as a child like.

 In this decoration he is shown sitting on his pedestal and showering his blessings with a child like innocence.

Today's alangaram is Lakshmi Ganapathy

In this alangaram Godess Lakshmi is sitting on the left thigh of Ganesha. Ganesha lovingly puts his hand on lakshmi's shoulder and the duo are the picture of serenity, divinity and peace

Vallabha Ganapathi

Vallabha when literally translated means beloved and supreme ! Here the Ganesha bestows all His love and happiness by being The Supreme !!