Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gung -Ho on Nonsense

Am no good in writing sense
but vowed to surprise as the theme is nonsense 

I racked my brain and hacked it hard
but no idea came to bombard

So just put on my kiddo's shoes
and recalled my learning blues

Went on to make my own rhyme
that I liked and it's no crime

Sublime dee and keyline dum
went to moon and had no rum

Melon man slept a lot
and got angry when the frogs fought

The goats had a ball when the lion had a fall
and brought the house down with a missed call

And so here, i give my byte
boy am I glad that you have not yet taken a flight

Thanks for reading this through
and no boo hoo

Like Ishq wala love
be happy and moo like a Cow


This is off to Sra & Aparna's The Fifty - 2- weeks - of - 2013 Project

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Holding on to a pound of flesh

As she paced the dark corridor  of the hospital, her mind was fraught with myriad emotions. Half sobbing, she braced herself for the dawn to break and free her of the self pitying emotions that were bobbing up and down. So what if her son had no leg ; he would still be able to walk  - the medical and technological advancements would make sure of that or so the doctor had assured her. Listlessly she recollected the traumatic year that had gone by. The apple of her eye had braved quite a few unfortunate act(s) of God and the last frontier was going under the knife for an amputation of his right leg. The cherubic infant who was on the threshold of celebrating his first birthday was blissfully ignorant of the fact that his leg was affected by a congenital deformity. The morning broke a beautiful hue and she stepped into the room gingerly. Watching her sleeping son she shed copious tears clutching on to the deformed leg. That disfigured stump, literally - a pound of flesh, was the most precious thing that she could think of at that time!

This is my entry to this week's theme A Pound of Flesh by Sra. It goes to Sra & Aparna's  The Fifty - 2 Weeks of 2013 Project .

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Get Better 2013

I make resolutions often and many a times end up breaking them at the same pace too; and still I get back to making them.  My logic is - a) we need to constantly push ourselves into becoming better and remaining happy. Our happiness in turn will spread more cheer all around ;
b) What is the fun if we stick to our resolutions  diligently ? The parameters of what makes us better and keep us happy gets changing regularly and as a result the resolutions too may need a change. And I don't call them resolutions, rather I give it a name of get better list. My list  is more like a stick-on notes on the fridge reminding me daily of what I want to become. And they are not made on a New Year's eve either ! Rather, my resolutions come on a whim and etch themselves firmly in my mind and yes underneath the fridge magnet too. Last year around the month of march , I had penned my resolutions as a five-point something and ended up actually getting around 2 point something. This year, my get better list was mentally drafted way back in November. When I saw Sra's & Aparna's The Fifty - 2 Weeks of 2013 Project , I knew that the motivation to better myself has a new thrust and impetus.

My list has many more things like learn a new language; enroll in a dance class, voluntary services to the less fortunate etc but a few that needs my immediate attention is :-

a) Cultivating patience :-  I am a zero patience girl. It is not something I am proud of. Yes, this is a major something that I have been planning to work on but never really got around. Wish patience grew on trees and all I had to do was just reach out. Sadly it is not so, and hence would work on that.

b) Overcoming the fear of driving :- I have to tell you all that I have a driver's license and I drive . Occassionally  Once in a blue moon. My fear of taking the driver's seat has its deep rooted cause in a major accident a few years ago. But we don't stop walking just because we stumble & fall right ?

c) Read more & Write more :- I once prided on the fact of being a voracious reader. These days, the book though is a constant companion does not get the same attention it truly deserves. 

d) Less of Online Time :- Sitting before the computer for hours together is a luxury what with perennial power cuts and 2 hyper kids. Still, the number of minutes the eyeballs are firmly stuck on the computer screen is a lot and I would love to decrease the same considerably. This in turn would help my point no 3 as well as bring more quality time with my kids.

Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right. (
Oprah Winfrey)