Saturday, September 14, 2013

There is something about Gary,George & Matt

Season 5 of MasterChef Australia has premiered on Indian Television earlier this week and guess who's grinning ear to ear. You must all know that I am a HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEE fan of the series from Season 1 and have made sure to never miss an episode. What makes this season even more exciting is the BOYS VS GIRLS CHALLENGE - BATTLE OF THE SEXES. And it also has 2 contestants of Indian Origin - Yay! The show has managed to have my attention no matter what ! Once a friend asked me if I was not put off by the abnormal meat and ilk on the show. Yes, there is a whole lot of non vegetarian things doing the rounds and the sight of kidney, liver and brains in its various gory glory was initially disturbing.But the show is much more than that. It is fun ,cheerful and an instant mood booster. MasterChef Kitchen excites me like nothing else ! It looks ultra wow with its uber cool and chic look. Have you had a dhekko at the sleek gadgets, the jaw dropping props and the  state of the art technology in the kitchen ? If you are aware of it, then you will surely understand my excitement. Besides, their very own herb garden adds an elegant green touch to the kitchen. Yeah I could go on and on :)

So many culinary competition shows are on air and the hosts and/or the chefs try to bring about their own stamp of presence but none of the show seem to have registered its WOW factor as this one. Remember our very own MasterChef Season 1. A dud affair and very Bollywoodish ! Of course the following seasons have been better. In fact even its American counterpart with the inimitable Gordon Ramsay at its helm is mostly intimidating and just an OK affair. 


The show must easily be the most loved show on television and why not? Gary,George & Matt- the 3 musketeers of Masterchef Australia make the show the most popular and viewed. The trio are the heart and soul of the show. Their infectious smile and heart warming charm brighten the proceedings and makes the 9 to 10 slot something to look forward. They are so down-to earth despite their immense popularity and boy they are mighty talented to boot ! Have you seen how effortlessly they mingle with the participants ? Giving their right due and not being overtly critical or personal but still doling out quality opinion, they are exemplary. I also love their Master Class part. Told you, I am a huge fan ! 

Pssst - A spoilsport friend emailed me the name of this season's winner ! But that ain't gonna make me give the show a miss. Like I said there is something about Gary, George and Matt !