Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bhairava - Not a Godly Affair

Pongal Holidays and a movie of a big Kollywood star - a potent combo! I am not a huge Vijay fan but I did like the idea of watching the movie just a day after its release, if only to enjoy the cheap thrill of catcalls and whistles that accompany a mass hero's flick. And boy, I wasn't disappointed! 

The film opened to raucous and incessant whistling and jubilant hand clapping. It felt surreal. I enjoyed the moments and did a few dance steps albeit in a sitting position much to the dismay of my hubby. Duh!

The movie has Vijay written all over it. He is the ultimate savior; a do gooder, a one-man army, a sensitive soul who has equal amount of romance and dry humor in him! Where are such men in real life I ask? Sigh..

Does the movie has a story? Yes, it does but it gets undone by poor writing and poorer editing skills. To have a major star on board and still not enough chops to capitalise on it is blasphemy!