Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dangal - A Crowning Glory

Copious reams of print has been dedicated to the movie Dangal. And why not? The ensemble star cast,the story, real life connections, the actual heroes all deserve the adulation showered. The attention to details is terrific beyond compare and the masala peppered with humour streaks keeps u breaking into chuckles throughout the movie.
Add to it the drama surrounding the Coach of the real life wrestler and the reel one, the movie is Box Office Bonanza.

Why I liked the movie ?
  • I have not seen this year's other mainstream hits like Pink, Kapoor & Sons , Neerja... to make any cinematic comparisons. But I will definitely say this movie is a much needed shot of positivism. Be it the girl empowerment in an otherwise patriarchal set-up the girls grew up in or the conviction to believe in your dreams the movie screams hope, sunshine & warmth all over
  • Never a dull moment or drop in pace. I need quick moolah- so bring in an item song- routine, that has been done to death in Hindi Films, has got a resounding thwack in this film. The strong story has not been frittered away in meaningless inanities.
  • The story is only as strong as its cast ~ Dangal is a winner because the actors have done a superlative job of keeping the essence alive. Be it the young girls who initially balk, hide and run at the idea of becoming a wrestler to the beautiful and bold women these girls blossom to, all the actors have performed in an outstanding manner. The dedication and perseverance shows in every frame and the film sizzles in the collective glory.
  • The songs in the movie also are the scene-stealers. The lyrics and music take the story forward with much aplomb. Besides the dialogues in the local dialect conveys various depth of emotions and I constantly whooped with joy and hooted for the wrestler during her matches. Such was the moving conviction of the story telling!
  • My friends talk of the measures taken by the dad to turn the girls into hard core wrestlers and question his choices! Well, to each his own, but I appreciated the dad's unfailing resolve. Yes, to force one's dreams upon one's own kids does not always turn out for the better, but then if the kids show aptitude .. Why not ?
Dangal is a hard feat to beat ! 2017 movies... are you listening ?

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