Thursday, January 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I can't believe that my hubby dearest took interest and helped my daughter complete a school project !!! 
Her holiday homework was to make a house from cardboard or mud or thermo col-- my hubby created this beautiful home from a few lightweight cardboards and ice cream sticks:-

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sri Radha Kalyanam -- The Divine Wedding

It was a privilege being part of Sri Radha Kalyanam in Puthur Agraharam (Trichy) last sunday. I was told that it was the 59th year in a row that this kalyanam was performed. A completely soul enriching experience and the celebrations included a whole lot of Nama sankeerthanam (Manthra chanting), Bhajans, and of course the regular maariage rites including Chhornika, Pravaram, Kannika Dhanam, Panigrahanam, Nalangu.

Throughout the celebration i was having a lingering doubt as to why Radha-Krishna  marriage while it should have been Rukmini/Satyabhama- Krishna Maariage. This doubt was put to rest by the Shastrigal performing the utsav. According to him,  the whole process signifies the Jeevaatma merging with Paramatma.It also signifies that Radha realising her status in Krishna's life as the Eternak Bhakta. She wants to become one with the Soul-The Lord Himself. Radha is the embodiment of life and Krishna the soul - so literally the kalyanam was Life joining the soul . . and it is the spiritual essence of Radha Kalyanam. The various rites being performed are simply for the Bhaktas delight.

The function is conducted with the funds contributed by the devotees and after the celebrations the devotees are rewarded with an authentic wedding spread !

A few clicks that i managed to take after juggling with the heavy crowds and of course my 2 kids----

The ceremony was performed in a Kasi Vishwanath Temple inside the agraharam; a shot of the presiding deity - Lord Shiva

Celebrations about to begin:-

A vilakku (Lamp) lit and placed in the middle --

Men folk of the Bhajana Samajam gathering around the Vilakku (diya) for the Gummi/Kolattam ( a form of dandiya/garba in praise of the Lord)

A small video showing the gummi and the bhajans that were chanted

Vasthra Dharanam

Thali Mudiyal to the accompaniments of Vadhyam !!

Radhe Krishna

Friday, January 7, 2011

Cerebral Palsy

Creating awareness about Cerebral Palsy has become of paramount importance as  it is increasingly becoming the commonest  cause of disability in India !  

So what is Cerebral Palsy-- It is an umbrella term for a group of disorders affecting body movement, posture and balance. Literally translated it means when the controls of Brain do not properly develop or get damaged because of various reasons, CP happens. 

There is no cure for CP but early assessment and treatment can improve the lives of people afflicted with Cerebral Palsy  ! 

Knowing more about CP will also help in minimising the chances of its occurrence and above all

TLC - Tender Loving Care, understanding that CP is not a disease and that children with cerebral palsy may have a lot of problems but they also are fully capable of achieving and succeding, to make their lives meaningful and happy.This can happen only with the  help of their families and with lots of efforts from all persons concerned !!.

An article in today's Metroplus prompted me to read more about CP, ! See the link below

Spread Awareness !!