Friday, January 31, 2014

Sorting out Sid - Beer and Blogger Contest

Why would I like to read Sorting Out Sid?
  • I am a sucker for wit and humour. Yashodhara managed to give a heady dose of amusement and laughter in her first book and the trailer of her latest offering  promises to tickle our funny bones.
  • Sid - Whenever I hear the name, I vivdly imagine a carefree,breezy guy stuck in a rut and of how he manages to give it a spin and be back with a bang. OK, honestly it's the Ranbir (Wake up Sid) Kapoor effect. Hmmm, the name of the hero is a reason as to why I would want to read this book.
  • There's something about having a good laugh or two bemoaning the absolute morons our boss(es) can be. Reading about colourful characters in a corporate background = booting out gloom.
  • Hectic Work schedule, Stressful relations, backbiting colleagues, where do I go from here moments? Don't we face all these in our day-to-day life. I am interested in knowing how this dude sorts out all these. 
  • The adventures of Sid promises a twist in his life with the entry of a spunky and vivacious female - how will the story turn? I am intrigued! 
  • And yes, the cover surely screams ' Grab me'

Yashodhara is back with a bang. Her latest offering' Sorting out Sid' promises to be a rollicking affair. My very last minute entry is for the Beer and Blogger Contest in her blog.  Find the book on Flipkart.