Friday, January 31, 2014

Sorting out Sid - Beer and Blogger Contest

Why would I like to read Sorting Out Sid?
  • I am a sucker for wit and humour. Yashodhara managed to give a heady dose of amusement and laughter in her first book and the trailer of her latest offering  promises to tickle our funny bones.
  • Sid - Whenever I hear the name, I vivdly imagine a carefree,breezy guy stuck in a rut and of how he manages to give it a spin and be back with a bang. OK, honestly it's the Ranbir (Wake up Sid) Kapoor effect. Hmmm, the name of the hero is a reason as to why I would want to read this book.
  • There's something about having a good laugh or two bemoaning the absolute morons our boss(es) can be. Reading about colourful characters in a corporate background = booting out gloom.
  • Hectic Work schedule, Stressful relations, backbiting colleagues, where do I go from here moments? Don't we face all these in our day-to-day life. I am interested in knowing how this dude sorts out all these. 
  • The adventures of Sid promises a twist in his life with the entry of a spunky and vivacious female - how will the story turn? I am intrigued! 
  • And yes, the cover surely screams ' Grab me'

Yashodhara is back with a bang. Her latest offering' Sorting out Sid' promises to be a rollicking affair. My very last minute entry is for the Beer and Blogger Contest in her blog.  Find the book on Flipkart.


  1. Loved it, Priya! one question - where are you based? Please let me know at yashodhara dot lal at gmail dot com! Thanks :)

  2. Yashodhara Lal looks at life through her own, unique lens, which makes her writing irresistible. She is authentic, funny, poignant, profound, all at the same time. Her protagonist, Sid, seems to have it all, but his life suffers from a very common malady in today's times- since he slots himself into Sid-in-a-particular role much of the time, he feels inauthentic and frustrated. His most authentic conversations are with his beloved beer bottles and his beanbag, Brownie. His relationships with his friends, wife, parents and colleagues are well detailed, and so much of his angst seems familiar.......
    An authentic Sid finally emerges from much emotional upheaval, acknowledging that it is still a work in progress. Sorting Out Sid is hard to put down: an easy read, with a lot more than meets the eye!