Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gung -Ho on Nonsense

Am no good in writing sense
but vowed to surprise as the theme is nonsense 

I racked my brain and hacked it hard
but no idea came to bombard

So just put on my kiddo's shoes
and recalled my learning blues

Went on to make my own rhyme
that I liked and it's no crime

Sublime dee and keyline dum
went to moon and had no rum

Melon man slept a lot
and got angry when the frogs fought

The goats had a ball when the lion had a fall
and brought the house down with a missed call

And so here, i give my byte
boy am I glad that you have not yet taken a flight

Thanks for reading this through
and no boo hoo

Like Ishq wala love
be happy and moo like a Cow


This is off to Sra & Aparna's The Fifty - 2- weeks - of - 2013 Project