Monday, December 13, 2010

Hindu Traditions - A Ceremony For my Son

My son Sreenivas is 1 yr n  9 months old. All the vedic chanting and  rituals to be performed at various stages before/till the completion of 1 year was performed on  11 Dec 2010 ,Saturday. Usually all near and dear, friends, relatives are called to celebrate the occasion. Due to various challenges that my son is facing and we as a family are facing along with him, the vedic rituals got postponed and finally on saturday Jadaga Karmam (praying to clear his birth defects that may be present and that is visible in his horoscope) , Nama karmam (Naming Ceremony)  and Anna Prasanam (First intake of solid food as per the hindu philosophy) was conducted in the presence of my in laws. Some pictures to remember forever.

The day started early with the whole family taking baths and getting ready! My daughter dressed in pattu pavadai (Silk Skirt and Blouse) and a shy smile ---

Our hero in a very melodious mood !

I am dressed up in a traditional Nine (9) yard Saree and cajoling my son to pose with me--

Hubby Dearest dressed in  Panchakacham (Traditional attire for men in all religious/spiritual functions. Similar to a pant)

The rituals begin with the shastrigal (priest) starting the vedic chanting. 

I am deeply involved

After a while Sreenivas gets restless and decides to play while the ceremony is on---

More chanting by hubby---

Samyuktha keeps Sreenivas entertained while I am involved in the process!

Sreenivas finally being asked to sit on his father's lap

Shastrigal explaining meaning of the rituals to us !

Sreenivas given the first mixture of curd, honey and ghee using a gold ring ---

The rituals continue---

Sreenivas manages to get away from the lap

He is blessed. Invocation of lord Varuna (God of water as per the Hindu Mythology) to bless the child --

A small homam/ ritual fire is started and the room gets a little smoky! This is usually done within one hour of the baby's birth to keep the evil spirits away.

Sreenivas playing with flowers and keeping himself busy

Nama karmam begins, his name being chanted 3 times in his right ear by his father, mother, sister and grand parents---

Sreenivas having fun with his Grandfather

some more rituals

A Rakshai (sacred thread, to ward off evils and keep him safe) is tied as he cries on . He is thoroughly had enough action for the day and wants to sleep !!

Rice mixed with dhal, a little kheer, curd, ghee and honey given to Sreenivas to denote the first solid meal intake for the child. It is administered with a Ring  by all family members. This is usually done after 6 months of the child's birth when solid food is introduced as part of the child's diet. One version of this was also done for him at the beginning of diet of solid foods in a temple.

Finally an Aarti  signifying a happy ending of the rituals and removing the evil eye is done by samyuktha and my mother - in- law.

All is well that ends well....


  1. amazing pics..thanks a lot for putting them up..

  2. So glad to see the photos from Naming event and the information you have shared here regarding Nama karmam (Naming Ceremony) and Anna Prasanam is really knowledgeable. We will also name our first child soon and have made a list of best names from