Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bannerghatta National Park

Our trip to Bangalore & Chennai was very memorable - eating out in all my favourite restaurants (or rather binging) , shopping like there was no tomorrow (for groceries mostly -now that i am a decent food blogger) , spending time with relatives & friends, visiting National Park - the week was choc- a-bloc !!
The trip is full of pictures that speak volumes ! My kids especially my daughter had a whale of a time and is buzzing with happy memories. As for me, I am delighted that my hubby dearest could take out some time and the family bonding was perfect !! Looking forward to more of such short trips!

Bannerghatta National Park :-

We were visiting Bangalore to attend a marriage of a close friend's son ! Arriving a day before , we took out time to visit this National park that boasted of a Safari as its prime attraction !

Situated 22 kms from bangalore, the National park consists mostly of dense forest and scrub land, and is home to wild animals such as tiger,lion, bison, leopard, wild boar as well as being an important corridor for elephants migrating between the eastern and western ghats. Other attractions include a crocodile farm, serpentarium and a newly added butterfly park. In addition, a portion of the park is used as a sanctuary for rescued wild animals,mainly from circuses. (Source; Wiki)

The main attraction of course is the Safari - visitors are taken  in a mini-bus/van to view the animals that roam freely in an enclosed /protected area. The safari had herbivores & carnivores section - Deers, Bison, Monkeys comprised the former while Tigers, Lions, Bear formed the latter section.

Samyuktha posing merrily & waiting impatiently to board the bus/van for the Safari !

A few pics taken during the Safari:-

Bison taking it easy & A Deer grazing around !

Sambar Deer

Bear having a leisurely morning

Sleuth of Bears

Very close to our bus, sniffing for some food !

Early Sighting of Lions that generated a lot of oohs &aahs

As close as we could get to the Majestic Animal

Our National animal taking a Power Nap !

White Tiger

Up & Close !

Butterfly Park 

India's first Butterfly Park comprises of a butterfly conservatory, museum and an audio-visual room ! Saw a few types of butterflies but they fluttered by so fast that pictures stayed only in my memory !

Inside the Butterfly Park !

Hubby Dearest & my bundle of joy taking a stroll!

Zoo animals/birds:-

Slushing happily in the water, these hippos are having fun beating the sun !

A White Peacock !

The peacock almost took a happy dance but changed mind after some time !

A leopard looking out from its den

A lone zebra looking a little lost

There was a short elephant ride too and the caretakers milked us heavily for a small round; but the kids loved it, though I felt sorry for the elephants that were to bear the brunt of all our weights !

My Mommy is the Best ~!

All-in-all a wonderful trip that will always remain close to my heart !


  1. lovely pics! Sam is gorgeous and so is our cheenu :) as usual, missing ur pic dear!

  2. So beautiful pictures and great stuff thank you for sharing us.