Friday, September 30, 2011

The Secret of The Nagas - Book Review

Amish's The Secret of the Nagas - a sequel to his book The Immortals of Meluha gives a good continuation to the buzz the First Book of the Trilogy created. This book effortlessly fuses facts and fiction and manages to keep the readers hooked till the end. In this sequel, Shiva the widely accepted vanquisher of evil is on a rampage to find Nagas- they are the folks whom he believes has murdered his friend Brahaspati. 

While the prequel showed how the death of his friend was creating havoc in Shiva's personal life, this volume describes Shiva's journey across the country to avenge his loss. This journey sets off an apple cart literally and HE comes across many startling and disturbing facts. People whom he believed were evil are not really bad and folks whom HE genuinely thought to be good have a few unsettling cobwebs under the carpet---- !!!!

Nothing is really what its seems and the Neelkanth's quest for finding and understanding evil leads to a discovery of self in particular and the Truth in general. What I absolutely loved about the book were the introduction of 2 characters - Kali & Ganesha ; How these characters blend in to the thick of things is nice ! 
The first book was a drop-dead winner; the second book slightly pales in comparison to the first volume but nevertheless  manages to create a mix of curiosity and amusement- You just can't wait for the things to fall in place and reach its logical conclusion in the final volume - The Oath of Vayu Putras!


  1. wow priya, hopefully i will get to read this someday- buddy you are my true inspiration

  2. it needs more guts to twist the tales of the hindhu mythology, to be able to present in a acceptable form... hats off to amish for his wild imagination...