Friday, March 30, 2012

Thirumeeyachur Temple

Thirumeeyachur Lalithambigai is one temple I had on my wish-list for a long time ! Last sunday when hubby dearest initiated an impromptu temple visit guess who was a happy lark :) The day was one religious affair, guess the goddess wanted us to completely immerse in the spiritual warmth and that's how we chanced upon another temple (Thirupamburam) with the trip ending with darshan of Shani Temple in Thirunallar.

Lalithambigai temple located in Nannilam circle of Thiruvarur district on the Mailaduthurai- Thiruvarur Road is approximately 1 km from the railway station of Peralam. 

The presiding deity is Lord Meghanatha and his consort is Lalithambigai. The Goddess is installed over Sri Chakra and is seated in a Abhaya ,Varada Mudra posture with her right leg folded.The deity is a pictuire of serenity, peace & harmony.

This picture of the Goddess is from an old book of mine !

The legend goes that Sun God was once cursed by Lord Shiva as a result of which his whole body was burnt. Seeking to get alleviated from the curse, surya did a heavy penance for almost 7 months by end of which he still had not got rid of his sufferning. Shouting out loud for the lord to hear, he further invoked the ire of Parvathi whereupon shiva intervened and asked Parvati to be at peace (shantam).The goddess depicting this moment became shanta nayagi . Vasinis or peace angels emerging from the goddess mouth sung sahasranamam - 1000 words in praise of the goddess and so she became Lalithambigai

There is a sculpture of kshetrapuraneshwara depicting this in the outer circumambulatory path, where-in Lord Shiva is seen cajoling and pacifying the goddess

It is said that in the Tamil month of Chithirai the days from 21st to 27th are very special. It is on these days that sun rays directly fall on the idol of Lord Shiva and the phenomenon is true till date.

Yet another speciality of the temple is that on the northeren side there is IIlam Kovil (temple within temple). It houses yet another small temple with Sakala Bhuvaneshwarar as the deity & his consort. 

Visit this temple to attain health, peace & tranquility. 


  1. Priya, it was so nice to read the history behind the temple and the pictures make me want to visit this temple next time!

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