Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Happy Picture

For the past few days, the trailer of Vidya Balan's much talked about film to be premiered on Sony had me visibly perked.  Having read & heard a lot about her ample (hee hee) histrionics, I was looking forward to watching the movie in the cool-confines of my home, the umpteen advertisements not-withstanding. The trailer that was viral on the idiot-box showed vidya gryating, huffing & puffing.

It's another story that the actions other than her brave acting, paved her ticket to the National Award.

Of-course I had conveniently forgotten that it was to be premiered on a sunday and that my daughter would very much be present with her ever ready barrage of questions. 

So just a few hours before the movie was supposed to start, my daughter came to me and asked -

Mom will it be ok if I watch The dirty Picture ? Surprised, I said "Uhhh"

she continued, you are going to watch it; besides I like the song ooh la la !

Wondering how to steer away from the topic, I told her gently that she cannot watch the movie. "Why" she growled! Just to get her off my back, I said because the title contains the word dirty. She retorted whether it was ok for adults to watch something that has dirty in it .

Gee, it shook me and I started thinking of activities she can indulge in. No luck as it was a sunday and to top that, her friends in the apartment had left on a vacation. Deciding to ditch the flick, I was pleasantly surprised when hubby told me that the movie was not going to be premiered after all.  

The I & B Ministry decided that the movie was not fit for day-time viewing because of objectionable content. Blahhhhhhh -

I rationalized that it was too much and unnecessary - The movie is literally everywhere; songs are viral on the music channels; cd's are available, the film is still screened in theaters and besides the kids who were supposedly being protected from  the unsuitable viewing have exposure to a galaxy of various Dirty Pictures on the net !

But as an after-thought, I was glad that the movie was not aired; My 8 year old is still very much at an impressionable age and the film though censored with over 40 cuts and rated appropriately is still fresh meat for all delicate questions which we as parents find difficult to answer. 

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