Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The 'Just Married Please Excuse' Contest

I follow Yashodara Lal's musings on Y on Earth Not regularly and am looking forward to read her debut book - 'Just Married,Please Excuse'.This super cool mom has a contest for reliving the hilarious moments of married life and here's my entry.


The moment I read about this contest, one incident which still tickles my funny bones came back to me though hubby dearest does not find it amusing. 10 years back, my hubby was working in a call center and was doing the graveyard shift. He used to come back home by 4 AM. I was a shy and demure newly married bride back then and used to wait patiently  for his missed call upon which I would open the door.  After a few weeks when the nervousness and awkwardness of new surroundings started to vanish I started missing my dear sleep and hence used to lock the door from inside. Hubby dearest who had another key would slide in without waking me up. This arrangement continued for a few days until one night when I had in all absent-mindedness bolted the padlock from inside. After the shift when he could not open the door as usual he gently knocked the door a few times. Seeing no response he made a dozen missed calls before I jolted and woke up with a start. Seeing me all teary eyed he felt sorry and rather blamed himself for causing me pain and anguish.

Cut back to today. Hubby now in the hospitality industry comes at all odd hours and we still follow the lock from inside routine. However, the other day I had unknowingly bolted the padlock from inside (or was it my daughter ?) and slept soundly. Hubby dearest as usual  came around 12.30 pm and tried opening the door. When the door did not budge open, he called the land-line a dozen times. My mobile which unfortunately was lying in the living room also got saddled with frantic calls and the  door-bell was  also at the receiving end of his incessant ring. Finally seeing no hope of me opening the door he went bck to the apartment lobby and started dozing in the car. At about 2 AM I awoke with a start and realised hubby was not by my side. Panicking slightly, I came to the living room and then noticed the 33 missed calls in my mobile. A call to him and I was rushing out to the lobby. There, I saw my hubby inside the car, trying to doze and totally freaking out. And all I could do was laugh out loud much to his chagrin. I know seeing him in such a state I should have generously profused  sweet nothings and apologised for the inconvenience but the hilarity of the situation got the better of me and I was simply writhing in glee :P As we came back to our floor, I hugged him and gently suggested that he could have gone back to the hotel instead of dozing in the car. That sort of freaked him more and guess what he did. He went to the almirah holding his tool kit and at 3.15 in the morning patiently unscrewed the padlock making sure this situation never surfaces again.Once bitten twice shy  :D Till date , he chides me saying even Kumbhakarna (the demon from the Ramayana Epic) would have woken up after all the bellowing.