Monday, February 18, 2013

And then there was someone --

He was a Demigod who walked the ground. His very smile or a slight wave of the hand would send the female following in to a feverish frenzy and the menfolk simply wished they were HIM. Such was his charisma that couples named their kids after him. His ingeniousness on the field was talked about in revered hushes. He owed his name and fame not only to a rigorous and punishing practice schedules but also to a wizardry though slightly maniacal prowess. All was well for a while ---
Then he met a group of agents who promised him a ride to heaven and back . Initially he was unmoved by the glitz and glamour dangled in front of him by them, that would  put the Gods to shame. But then slowly the virus introduced by the shrewd manipulators steadily worked in to his system. He got sucked in to the realm of greed and deceit. He tried to fool people by acting saintly, but he was so transparent that his actions showed on him. And thus began his downfall -----

This is off to Sra & Aparna's Fifty-Two weeks of 2013 Project


  1. Outstanding is all i can say..... greed and deceit sure fire tickets to failure

  2. Aah! The sad side effects of fame and money!!