Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chennai Diaries ~ Trail #1

I have moved to Chennai!!! Five years in Trichy, a city that healed many a wounds and festered a few, the temple city that saw a new ME; it bid me a teary goodbye. With a heavy heart and an even heavier packer & mover ahead of us, we set off to namma ooru singara Chennai. For the past few months, I have been shuttling to & fro between Trichy and Chennai. Hubby got a transfer and I got a headache (hee hee). Well, the city is not new to me. My in-laws are Chennai vaaasees and I have been visiting them regularly. But any move brings its share of woes and I have been privy to many of them for the past few months!

It's been a month since I became a Chennaite. While I have gone back to work within a week of arriving, it's not been all work and no play.

I watched Uttama Villain - yeah the supposedly 'WOW' movie from the factory of "Yes - Kamal, he is still the superstar but needs to do something fast to erase this movie, Hasan". The story, if there was any, was pathetic and I was mighty surprised that the actor could go to such passionate lengths to make this movie. Clearly, the actor needs to introspect and re-position himself. Dancing with PYT's are no longer his cuppa!! But the panache & passion of the actor is spot-on.

To summarize, in the words of my dearest hubby - "Utama Villan - the life story of Kamal Hasan in the form of a docu drama sans the stage 4 brain tumor"

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It's just 10 days in to the summer vacation and the kids are mightyyyyyyy bored. So, I have them off to a mini summer camp of sorts. A musical, crafty way to while away 3 hours. The camp is gonna be till 15th. So some much needed respite there.

I also watched a movie shooting! The so hot TDH Vishal was in Besant Nagar shooting for some story and I watched ogled at him unabashedly. Pity, I couldn't click a snap, but yeah that few moments brightened my day !!!!

My Trails in Chennai will continue............ (I hope not!!!!)


  1. Utama Villan - the life story of Kamal Hasan in the form of a docu drama sans the stage 4 brain tumor"//

    is it so ??


    subbu thatha

    1. My Hubby's view....cannot rule out a few elements from the actor's personal life

  2. Thanks so much for the comment. I try to put together my learning and experiece in terms of blog and feel great if this helps others.

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