Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The many joys of e-shopping

Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping. ~ Bo Derek

Who doesn't like shopping, the sheer adrenaline rush of looking at the goodies, lingering at the varieties and finally making a choice gives a rush that is very satisfying.  It is another matter that when the credit card bill comes home, the heart beats a different story :D

And when the shopping is virtual, the thrill is a different high. 
I still remember the first time I shopped online a few years back. I was a mix of nervous anticipation and apprehension. The item in question was a personalized CD featuring a mix of all time romantic songs for hubby. Gotta say, the gift came on time and was  thoroughly enjoyed.

And ever since, I have been hooked to the online shopping bug. Be it 
 cards, books,dresses, handicrafts , practically anything and everything. There has seldom been any hassle with regard the purchase. Any any glitch that made its presence felt was sorted out comfortably. So I am an e-shopping aficionado and why not ?  Sitting in the cool confines of home and flexing a few muscles brings products at the door step. NO traffic rush, no haggling with the auto wallah and definitely no hyper kids to run behind while struggling with trying out clothes in the trial room ! What a bliss !  And with a lot of options and the innumerable portals around, the online shopping experience is only getting better. 

Mostly the products I e-shop are only for personal use.Recently I made 2 separate purchases on & for clothes to be directly shipped as gifts to my dear ones. That I was fraught with nervous anticipation is saying the least. Gifting clothes without seeing them face-to-face is not something that I was comfortable with but the end result was spectacular.

For my mom’s 60th birthday I wanted to gift her a lovely elegant saree. Typing sarees in google search landed me in was blown by the number of varieties of sarees in the portal. A whopping 1969 vied for my attention. Not only are they segregated with respect to colour but also with regards to under the same price tag, and also by brand names. Besides they are also grouped by means of party wear, ethnic wear, and the material used. After a few shortlisting, I eyed the one that caught my eye and knew instinctively that it would appeal to my mom. I added it to the shopping cart and made a virtual check out paying it with a credit card. Immediately, the details of the purchase with order number, product id and delivery time flashed on my mobile and the email alerted me of the confirmation from the Jabong team. While the delivery said 2-5 days, what surprised me was, the saree reached my mom the same evening. I was surprised to get an elated call from my mom telling me that she simply swooned over  the saree and also marveled at the leap in technology. She was never a huge fan of e-shopping, but gotta say, she became a convert !

Recently, I wanted to send something to my sister-in-law for Rakhi. I was thoroughly apprehensive as it was the first time  I was online shopping for something to be sent abroad. A few searches on the google landed me to the site of The portal powered by the Times of India group was a pleasure for virtual shopping as the portal is dedicated to online shopping from India for Sarees, Lehengas, Handbags, Footwear, Jewelry, Religious items, paintings and many more for any postal address in the world. I loved the shots of the images that gave a clear idea of the product in question and the order was placed without a hitch. Besides, the immediate email with the purchase details assured me of the product reaching the recipent within a week. Also, I could track the status of my order through the DHL express with the order number given. And the designer salwar kameez reached before time. A very happy call from my SIL is something I will treasure forever.

Shopping virtually is fun and no sweat. Be it shoes, dress, books or any handicraft item,  the great deals, exquisite varieties, cutting edge technology, sensitive customer care , at the door step delivery and superior buying experience gets my thumbs up. 

With more personal physical experience of virtual shopping , the trend of anytime e-splurging is here to stay.

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  1. I agree, e-shopping is convenient and works out cheaper too!

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