Sunday, December 16, 2012

A refreshing stay @ Soma Kerala Palace, Kerala

God's Own Country- Kerala is truly all that and much more. The month of October saw us  taking a small vacation to this serenic place and staying at Soma Kerala Palace. The aim of the trip was to relax and chill. And that meant no packed itineraries spilled with visits to hither & thither. It just meant letting the hair down at this exotic yet quintessentially Kerala resort. Every inch of the place was magic and mysticism. Nestled in the backwaters of  Vembanadu, the resort is truly a getaway of sorts from the hectic, frenetic and nomadic life that we humans have gotten in to....

The resort is at a distance of 56 kms from the Cochin International Airport and about 150 kms away from the Trivandrum International Airport.

The fun starts as soon as we step in to their parking space. Soma Palace is set on an island in the Vembanadu lake  and a festive looking dandy boat is waiting to whisk us to the resort. Transporting visitors from the mainland to the resort is one magical albeit a short trip of 10 -12 minutes.

Samyuktha is a picture of poise and happiness :)

A lone crow eyed our boat with boredom 

Spotting the resort from a distance, we get all perked up; angling the cameras in all directions possible I took frenzied snaps

After being treated to  some stunning welcome drinks,  we stepped inside the resort only to be bowled over by the ethereal beauty all around.  The place was delightfully built and the greenery everywhere was a pleasing fixation.

An eye for all things artistic the resort was a photographer's delight

A snazzy bullock cart adorned their premises with a good explanation for those uninitiated

The architecture of the buildings housing the rooms were praiseworthy and had  a royal aura around it. These buildings are structures from different eras and the various parts from different sites were carefully disbanded to be recreated/restructured thus forming a part of Soma Palace. 

The room we stayed in was part of Nalekkat Building

Did I say the resort houses an Ayurveda & Yoga Centre ? The face and body message/therapy sessions is a must for invigorating your mind, heart and soul. A must indulge to get yourself rejuvenated and refreshed. I befriended quite a few foreigners who had come for various treatments as part of a complete healing package. They were gushing about the total well being the treatments yielded !

The staff of the resort were the most courteous and an instant sense of ease and belonging envelopes.Besides, the swimming pool, the hammocks for those leisurely naps and the restaurant dishing out some choicest array of meals are cherry on the icecream.

Aah, ok you are the sort that still needs to be clued in to the happenings of the worlds, have an urge to check mails and can't control the itch to update status and stuff - No worries, the resort has Internet Café,  besides the telephone & Fax as well as mail & message handling,

Something for everyone ! Did I say magical already ???

It was with a heavy heart that we bid adieu to this place. Do you hear me cooing out to my hubby for another holiday already ? Yup ! The million dollar question is  - Is he listening ???


  1. Wish for your reunion...

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