Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mc Dreamy take a hike !

Honey, I am reaching home tomorrow morning cooed my hubby ~

I trilled and twittered and we spent a good few minutes behaving like a pair of teenagers planning their first date. Did I tell you that we are married for 10 long years but till date the excitement and romance is akin to a couple of college kids planning their secret rendezvous !!

Amongst  other things the day was to include a romantic lunch and loads of catching up (ahem!). Before putting the phone down I heard him mumble, hope the kids have a full school day ?

I blushed and preened despite a good 10,000 Kms separating us. The morning dawned prettily and the kids were sent packing to school. My hearth buzzed with all the dishes he liked. In swooped my man looking dapper super hot and he sported a 5'o clock shadow. I was surprised as well as delighted. Smitten by his efforts to woo me aka Mc Dreamy , I prided on the handsome man my hubby is. It is no secret that I harbour a huge crush on the neuro surgeon acting Dempsey. His stubbly looks and rugged charm have me waxing eloquent before my hubby. Hubby had taken this sportingly and donned a stubble to please me. How cool is that ?

After a few minutes, I realised that he had come to love this new avatar and he grinned and gloated about the female attention he received during his 5 hour plane travel.  Don't I look dishy he croaked ?.  All was well till he gave me a peck on the cheek. It was as if I had a mini porcupine nuzzling me. Oblivious to my discomfort he pecked me once more. The cheek felt like being grazed by an electric mower. Putting a good distance between us I groaned --
"Duh, you look as if a mini jungle has encroached your handsome face" 

He looked confused and hissed , just now you were complimenting my handsome looks ! Besides, weren't you hankering for this dishy look in your Dr. Grey show ? AAh there I saw his anger (read:jealousy) laden eyes. You have got to stop watching Grey’s Anatomy he seethed.

I retorted :
You look nice but my smooth skin is groaning from the touch of the grizzly bear your face is !

"What women want "? he mused with a perplexed face.  Well, for starters you can go shave I persisted.

Do you know during an average lifetime, a man will spend 3350 hours removing 8.4m of stubble ? all those hours and so little productivity he joked. 

OK, I tried another tactic ; Will you like if I sported face, arms & legs straight from the evergreen forest ? He chuckled clearly envisioning me as a jungle queen. I snapped him from his reverie and stated that it was about time he indulged in Manscaping . With a swagger he said are you sure ??
You have got to shave else crave, I persisted

We looked at each other a whole 30 seconds before he bit the bullet. And while he was busy shaving with his Gillette Mac 3 Turbo, I huskily murmured in to his ears :
Mc Dreamy can take a hike; he stands no chance before my Mc Hottie :)

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  1. That's such a sweet romantic and fabulous take on the contest!! Simply loved it! All the very best for the contest, Priya :)