Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Scene outside the balcony window : Crow & Myna

The big balcony in my home has a large window that overlooks the backyard of a few neighboring houses ;  the coconut and neem trees in those backyards are home to a variety of birds and I constantly witness the cacophony of these winged friends going about their affairs with gay abandon. Yes, there are a lot of birds fights and then there are heart warming scenes of mama birds feeding their lil ones. Today, I also witnessed 2 birds {myna,crow} quenching their thirst from the sweltering heat. What was even more delightful to see was that both the birds actually waited a few seconds to see which one would go first to drink. Myna ( not in this picture) then  moved a little farther indicating that the crow could have the first go. I immediately snatched my camera to capture this amazing show of solidarity by these 2 birds---

The overflowing water tank was the perfect opportunity for the crow and myna to have a hearty swig of the elixir of life.

As the myna moved a little farther, the crow came forward and takes a long long drink -----

Just as the crow flew away, the myna which was patiently sitting came forward to quench its thirst

The myna drinking water to its heart content before flying away---

Amazing ain't it ? Be it give and take or respecting each other's space, we humans have a lot to learn from these birds ! 


  1. Amazing clicks, Priya! And a lot to learn from this :)

  2. Loved each click. Like oneof those stories about the crow with stone but here there is myna too :-)

  3. Very nice! And very observant of you, Priya! I must say that the myna got his/her drink just in time since the water supply seems to be diminishing!

  4. So nice you observed albeit
    any semblance of that serenity
    we rarely find in our species
    never had the wisdom nor humane
    that crow and myna displayed

    subbu thatha.

  5. Lady watta beautiful cature it is :)keep them coming :)

  6. Hi Priya!

    Great clicks :)

    I am a design student working on a product that prevents overflowing of water while pumping.

    Do I have your permission to use one of the photos posted here? It is for preparing a presentation about the product.