Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zip Zap Zoom

A month long blogging marathon,
Looked daunting and doubtful at the onset,
Today, the month comes to a roaring end,
And, boy am I glad, that I carried on without my spirits dampened.

As day and night would see,
All things, daily motions and even small talks resembling A to Z,
As zillion thoughts would swirl my mind,
All zesty and zany ideas sprouted and shined.

Hubby and kids saw me in a mad mad tizzy,
I huffed, puffed and trotted along in a possessed frenzy.
The good news is the consonants and vowels sailed past,
And I have braved the challenge at last.

The A2Z, FB page gave the challenge a thumping roar,
And under Corinne’s mighty leadership I did soar.
Made some good friends and came across a truck load of talent ,
Loved that all the participants despite their super busy schedule stood gallant.

I value the 30 days of introspection and perseverance,
Of appreciation and becoming enriched with zippy thoughts and perspectives.
And as the zenith is conquered,
I fall into a zen like state of inner peace and happiness.

Viva A2Z


  1. Zen is definitely how most of us feel now! Satisfaction and relief of a challenge well completed! :)

  2. Great poetry. Of course our patience and perseverance was tested through this challenge but we all sailed through and how...God bless

  3. :D Yup Satisfaction and peace... I have taken up too many tasks only to quit in the midst... but for a change I took up a task and I finished it.. I guess Corinne and all the other blog buddies in this challenge kept it a very interesting and wonderful affair.

    That is a nice way to sum up the entire month :D

  4. A-Z in a nutshell. It was a good thing going that brought a lot of bloggers together


  5. It truly feels better than Kungfu Panda's inner peace . ALL GEMS am reading today. This master piece reflects the month long journey so beautifully
    Love and good luck
    Keep in touch

  6. That was a great culmination :-) Nice crossing paths with you Priya :-) Hugs!

  7. Oh yeah, peace and happiness is all we have after a job well done! :)

  8. You've expressed our sentiments regarding the A to Z challenge so perfectly, and in verse too. More power to you. :)

  9. You summed up the challenge beautifully and in my favourite format - poetry. I am looking forward to that Zen like state too. Enjoyed your blog and it was great to meet you. I will keep in touch via your blog.

  10. That was the whole month of April in a nutshell. Enjoyed reading your words :)

  11. Great poem! Congrats on making it to the end :) Simply Sarah

  12. Sums up perfectly! Congrats :)

  13. Lovely poem and I second you in Congratulating Corinne for making this happen so nicely.