Monday, April 8, 2013

Good God !

Me: Godddddddddddd; it's already Sunday night and I am yet to get started on 'G'.

God: {rasping ala Lionel} Hello, is it me you are looking for ?

Me: Gosh, is it really YOU?

God:  Girlie- wake up, I am Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent, so yeah.

Me: Enough with the self flattery; how come you are here?

God: Didn't I hear you calling me??

Me: Gee, yes that. It was just a phrase, but glad you are here!

God: Wassup? Anything bothering you ?

Me: Glued to the computer screen for the past 2 hours and am yet to have any earth shattering or revolutionary revelations.

God: Are you breaking your head over any solution for middle east crisis or tackling cross border terrorism?

Me: No no nothing so far reaching !

God: Oh, then surely it must be something on the home front? Kids, hubby --eh ?

Me: Not this time, no.

God:  {grinning broadly} I did catch you muttering 'G', 'G'; so is it {ahem} got to do anything with Grafenberg thingy? 

Me: {confused look} Grafenberg what,who ??

God: {coughing & spluttering} The  guy who propounded---

Me: {cutting short & blushing} OHH HO I get your point; gosh-- no no; not that

Me: {turning a crimson pink} Ok before you go any further, let me say that I am breaking my mind over some eye popping idea for the letter G that is next in our A to Z blogging challenge !

God : Are you kidding me ? girl- I have better things to do. Go use your brain!

Me : {indignantly} I was using that only and for the record I didn't specifically call out to you

God : {shakes head violently} These women! I still can't understand them !!

While he is preparing to leave by dramatically swishing his cape,

Me : {evil grin} now that you have come anyways, let us talk about the grafen-----

Alarm rings, Monday morning dawns; I wake up.....


  1. What a nice way to start off my morning. Keep dreaming! :)

  2. Very interesting and cleverly handled :-) I love the variety your A-Z posts offer :-)

  3. Wonderful conversation ! :) It had me grinning :D
    Good Good :D

  4. :D Hilarious! Do it again, Priya!

  5. Your best one till date! Loved it! What a wonderful take on the letter G. Take a bow woman :)

    1. aah, thank you so much vinita; much appreciated !

  6. LOL!! Nice one!! And, looks like He/She woke you up just in time! :D

  7. Oh lol this was awesome. I can't stop laughing. I loved your first 2 lines. Very nice.

  8. I am still laughing my head off :))

  9. Wow
    I almost imagined Morgan free man lady
    Such a lovely post :) and brilliant idea

  10. Oh such a refreshing post. Makes one less guilty for not writing in advance ;)

  11. Haha. Thoroughly enjoyed this hilarious post. Awesome conversation between the Big G and you :)

  12. Hilarious!! What a entertaining post, Priya! Am still laughing! :D
    Good going, girl! :)

    1. thanks shilpa; glad it made you laugh !

  13. Replies
    1. haha- that was what I intended it to be :)

  14. Funny! Well-written post. I enjoyed it thoroughly and wish it could be that easy sometimes. :)
    A to Z April blogging Challenge

  15. Great expressions, loved the way you presented it, thanks for sharing !

  16. How cute. Only God is a woman, didja know that?


    1. thanks meera- this conversation wouldn't have been half the fun if God were a woman ! (wink wink)

  17. This is toooo good. Loved it.