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Tantra by Adi - Book Review

{Drumrolls} The vampire hunting genre hits Indian shores!

I was excited when I first read the blurb of this book. A female vampire hunter, tantric rituals and action packed thrills beckoned my adventurous self and I wasted no time to apply for reviewing this book. The book promised an engrossing ride throughout and thankfully it delivers.

The story is about Anu Agarwal, a feisty female who is a vampire hunter by night. On a covert mission to avenge her boyfriend's death she shifts her bearings from New York to New Delhi and immediately gets plunged into the thick of things. A few child kidnappings direct her towards a tantric ritual that purports to destroy the city. Together with Amit a fellow vampire hunter, Dr. Sharma and Pandit Grover she sets out to foil the attempts of the evil perpetrators. Will she save the city from being annihilated? Grab the book to find out. 

When Anu is not busy fighting vampires, she has her hands full in warding off the potential grooms her aunt forces her to meet. Anu's character is well etched and her angst and triumphs make her very human despite what she does. The book also traces a warm camaraderie between her and Amit. It is indeed total bliss to have good friends covering your back and whom you can fall back on. She is ably mentored by Dr. Sharma and Pandit Grover whose contribution to her mission is worth mentioning. Also it was amusing to see a vampire called as 'Chandra' become her ally. The book conveys a message that "tantra" is not evil and tantric's are in fact the scientists among priests; it is up to the person using tantric forces to direct the energy towards good or evil.
Yays :-

  • The book delivers on its promise of a thriller. No disappointments here as it is completely action packed.
  • While the book is a thriller, it also has subtle humor laced all over, specially the banters between Amit & Anu has us smiling.
  • It was heartening to see a female lead in command of her life. That she is responsible for all her pains and gains has our appreciation.
  • The feisty lady is not shown as a nincompoop or a pathetic wannabe.
  • Loved reading in detail about the science of tantra as well as maaya/the illusion that encapsulates us.
  • It is not a typical vampire saga and it effortlessly weaves spirituality and religion while keeping a hold on its relevance today.
  • The author has painstakingly researched the subjects of tantric and saatvic rituals, astra etc.
    Nays :-

    • There is no mention of how the guardians get inducted into the 'centre'. It would be interesting to read how a child gets picked for this coveted job.
    • The whole book talks of 'shifting'; but there is absolutely no mention of what the process actually is.
    • The inner demons that Anu battles could have a more detailed introspection; this would also help us know her background in detail.
    • A couple of errors points at incomplete proof reading. Example - instead of 'he was still yanking out files', the line went as 'he we still yanking out files' (pg 122)

    Final Word:-

    "Age is a commodity that is sold in markets. Those who do not reinvent themselves find time to be a cruel mistress without mercy" ~ {from the book}

    Author    :   Adi
    ISBN        :  978-81-908636-2-9
    Price       :  INR 195/-
    Publisher :  Apeejay Stya PUblishing
    Category :  Fiction
    Recommendation :  Thumbs Up!

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