Saturday, April 20, 2013

Random Road Clicks

A picture is worth a 1000 words, so the saying goes ! Here are a few random clicks my camera captured on our recent trip to Mysore and Coorg. Each of the shot tells a story - of daily struggles, of sheer indiscipline or a busy day.

A busy day ahead for this watermelon seller !

Recovery after an accident  

Daily struggles and triumphs - Life

 Roads are mass urinals ! (Sigh)

People bustling about


  1. :) A powerful message conveyed in simple clicks - I just love your versatility Priya:)

  2. A slice of life of the Indian roads! Good one for R :)

  3. Awesome clicks and it took me on a nice jog down memory lane.

  4. wow! That pic of the overturned truck was really cool!

  5. Yep you said it.. I believe it too (but then I am too lay to string some words together)


  6. Sights and struggles on the roads of India. Good one :)

  7. Road life randomly but clearly shown
    Coorg is on my hit list !! Looking forward :)

  8. Wow! Great random road clicks about the daily struggles of life!

  9. Super shots !!! :D I love such random candid pics a lot :D too bad I never am able to click such...

    that pic of the lady with her hands on her hips after that man comes back from the peeing !!!! ha ha Super its like he is in for a scolding !