Saturday, April 6, 2013

Facebook Fever

Facebook has spread its wings,
TV or desserts, it surely beats both these cravings.

Be it autumn, summer or spring,
This addiction manages to cling.

Clawing its way through our heart and soul,
Why do we feel the need to constantly scroll?

FB audience skews slightly more females than males,
Does it mean that girls are prone to online trails?

Yes, FB boosts our ego and morale,
But it also does a lot to deflate.

Like FB at your own risk,
For it often makes you less brisk.

The more time you spend here,
The more you socially disappear.

Depression and anxiety,loneliness and narcissm,
The gifts from FB encompass a large prism.

You can  fight or take flight,
Whatever you choose just be allright.

There is no alternative to pumping of the adrenaline,
Unless you have a life offline.

Have Fun!!!!!!!


  1. Good one, Priya! So many of us are afflicted with FB Fever! :|

    1. thanks shilpa ; yes and yours truly is also one :)

  2. Balancing the online with the offline is key to staying sane. Nice one, Priya!

  3. :-)) A ubiquitous but unique topic to write about. I was nodding in agreement, all along the verse...and my biggest FB pet peeve is when people write private messages to their spouses/partners (sitting next to them) in their status...KWIM???

  4. Females are more social than males... therefore skewed in FB? Zuckerberg would be happy reading this Priya!


  5. Ha ha ha I do have a life offline but I love my online one too! Good going.

  6. Very true and nicely done. I enjoy my FB.

  7. What a great take on FB ;) Agree to every line. My first thought was F for facebook but I have written many posts earlier so skipped.
    Loved reading

  8. Yup, totally agree! Hopefully, I've managed to keep my life more offline than on! :D
    Hey, I've also written a post related to Facebook for today! :D

    1. thanks roshni and just read your post. Cheers !

  9. Totally agree ! An effective balance is the answer :)

  10. Very true...and well written! (Visiting from the A-Z Challenge.)

  11. You've described the fever known as FB addiction and expressed a truth too. One has to have a life offline to counter this fever. Great going, Priya!

  12. I must say FB literally opened up the world for me. So, I'm lovin' it.

  13. Uff!! I am addicted to FB!! 'Like FB at your own risk' kind of sums it all up! :-)
    Good job!

  14. Very nice! :-) I am not much of an FB fan and only visit when I have a relevant email alert. I like the message at the end!

  15. FB is 'fever' to those of us whose life it entered as something new. It won't seem so to those who are born into it and are growing up with it :)