Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hair Woes Detangled with Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo

Everyone loves a great hair day and wish it remains so everyday. Of course it goes without saying that a good crowning glory is a by-product of healthy lifestyle. Besides keeping oneself adequately hydrated and eating healthy, lavishing the hair with regular oil massages and brushing the hair regularly and gently is a sure fire way of rocking hair. My daughter like me is also blessed with good straight hair . However after a long & rough week at school and the hot and humid weather conditions characterized by heavy sweating her hair is a messy mop and a tangled bundle. I give her a shampoo bath once every week or sometimes in between the week too if it is too unruly. The allure of seeing unbelievably straight mane on her nudged me into applying for a review of Sunsilk Perfect straight Shampoo & Perfect straight nourishing conditioner.

The product is co created by Yuko Yamashita and promises to actively control and perfectly align every strand of hair as it dries. The shampoo has something called as straight lock technology that is responisble for unbelievable straight hair. Ain't that cool ? After reading the instructions which were pretty similar like any other shampoo , I immediately put the hair to test by giving it a try on my daughter. And this is her picture after using the shampoo.

Yays to :-

  • The shampoo & the conditioner comes in a funky purple container and oozed an immediate appeal.
  • The fruity smell of the shampoo was well loved by my princess.
  • The hair was visibly straighter.
  • The hair was not a tangled mess and it was easy to comb it through till the end without getting caught in the middle.
  • The hair was free from being frizzy too.
  • It gave a shine that managed to stay for a few hours.
  • There was no dryness or itchy sensation after using the product .
  • It lathers well.

Nays to :-

  • I am really not sure whether the straight lock technology can give astonishing results to people with curly hair. Yes it may make it less wavy, but will it make them ramrod straight is a question mark ?

Final Word :-
The product is worth a try and I give it a thumbs-up !

Product : Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo
Net Volume : 90 ml
Price : INR 56/-

This review is part of Sunsilk Straight Hair Lock Karo Rock Karo by Sunsilk in association with Indiblogger


  1. i have used sunsilk perfect straight once but i dint observe good result, it became wavy and rough......i would like to ask you in how many washes it becomes soft and silky?
    In the pic of your daughter you have shown above, my hair is in the same way but i want more straighter hair.... help me out....

  2. wow :-) really very interesting post :-)