Friday, April 26, 2013

Woman : Juggler Par Excellence

Have you seen a juggler?
Ooh yes, that, skill peddler !

Tossing, flipping, catching and holding,
The juggler does all the balancing.

Wanna catch the jugglers in motion?,
Look at the women, she must have surely consumed some magic potion.

She is a mover and shaker ,
For home, work, family and {many times blog} she does deftly maneuver.

She is a tight rope walker,
And sometimes does falter.

Now and then she feels that her life is in disarray,
Nevertheless she musters courage and manages not to stray.

What a woman does is mighty challenging,
It requires tonnes of hard work, patience and adjusting.

It is fine to juggle as much or as little as you can,
But be sure to listen to your heart’s game plan.

For what is true for Jane need not be right for Susan,
But whatever be the case she is truly a remarkable woman.


  1. Absolutely true...I am a juggler too :D So happy to be one as well

  2. Aha! That's fabulous ode to we women who specialize in multi-tasking and are so good at it! Cheers to all us! :)

  3. Most women are deft jugglers - Moms even more so!

  4. hahahha!! The Supermoms, huh?! :)

  5. Juggling comes naturally to the feminine side I think but the sight of the it would drive the masculine half mad


  6. Loved reading this priya !! Woman sure is a juggler an excellent one
    good day

  7. So important to listen to your heart's game plan !

  8. Ever so true - so many roles to juggle - a nice tribute to wonderful women.

  9. Agree with you ! we have the excellent skill to multi task, and that way, I can say I am a perfect juggler !

  10. N half the times we dont even relaize we jugling.. do we?

  11. Kuddos to Women folks! Proud to be a woman! :)

  12. Aren't we all jugglers. Lovely.

  13. This was a real fun post :) Loved it :)

  14. Lovely lovely poem. What was wonderful was the mention that what works for one, is not necessarily for the other. Great job!

  15. A good poem flown so naturally! Enjoyed reading it. Happy women's day,

  16. A good poem flown so naturally! Enjoyed reading it. Happy women's day,