Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One and a half men

Men men men men, Men men men
Men men men men , ooh ooh--- aaah MENNNN MEN MEN

{Sing along to the tunes of the famous sitcom 'Two and a half men}

Presenting Sreeram and Sreenivas in and as One and a Half men

* ing
    • Sreeram 
    • Sreenivas
Plot :-

The one and a half men rock the household . They are the pride and joy of the lady of the house and are the apples of the eye of the little princess. The stars bring laughter and fun, joy and jubilation and at times add a little grief too. Tune into their capers 24/7 and savour the spice and sugar of their antics.

My Review:-

Sreeram as the One man is spot on as an awesome hubby, the bestest dad and the sweetest human being. He has his share of shortcomings that can be overlooked as he is a human after all. But the efforts he puts in, striving to be a better person, every single day more than compensates any misgivings. The mighty star is humble, the anchor of the household and is the wind beneath the lady's wings.
Rating : Priceless

Sreenivas - aka Le Cheenti - the Half man is the most adorable little dumpling on earth. His mischief and spunk is the reason behind the household's smiles and he breathes life into the dwellers of the household. He is the lady's Zen, her very own little Buddha. He is a ROCKSTAR.
Rating: A treasure


  1. Aww...nice meeting the men in your life. You have an adorable family. And what an innovative way to tackle 'O' :)

  2. So who's charlie?


    1. one isn't charlie and the other I hope doesn't become charlie :D

  3. Feel like hugging that little dumpling of yurs
    Two and a half men is my fav . And loved singing it :)
    Cute post but it should be one one fourth men haha
    Good day

  4. Awww!! That's the sweetest and the loveliest review I have ever read!! Good to meet your family here, Priya :)

  5. Lovely way to get through this O. I loved the priceless naughty gleam in your rockstar's eyes :)

  6. This is the sweetest post I've come across :)

  7. That little man of yours has such a naughty glint in his eye. I bet he keeps you very busy with his priceless antics. God bless your family.

  8. What a delightful family, Priya. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  9. Aww that is an awesome family you have there !

  10. A superb family review, loved the picture but you were missing from it :)

  11. This is soooooooooooo cute!!


    P.S: Finally I find your blog!

  12. Wow! your hubby must be over the moon. Cute kids.

  13. So very sweet!! Lovely post, Priya!

  14. hahaha... What an adorable way to present the man in your life.