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Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister - A Book Review

Elections are around the corner and the country is gearing up for a change at the grass roots. People are no longer divided between the privileged party and the saffron supremacy. They are willing to experiment and bring to power those who work towards bringing about a visible change. Have you seen the latest advertisement doing the rounds on TV - elections are indeed the biggest talent show and only the truly talented ought to be elected to run the country. With such high stakes it is not surprising that the game of politics played by the parties gets a high voltage adrenaline rush!

I once read a pertinent quote by Plato ~

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by inferiors"

Like any other informed Indian, I take an active interest in what our keepers of democracy are up to. It is but natural that I am much inclined towards political thrillers and the works of many authors like Jeffry Archer, David Baldacci and the likes on the edgy political set up keeps me hooked. 

The blurb of the book Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister intrigued me very much as one such political thriller and I must say that the book was truly an edgy read throughout, though not an in depth political thriller. 

Siddhartha Tagore, the protagonist of the book becomes the resident of 7 RCR in the year 2016/2017. He occupies the highest echelons of the democracy by virtue of his strong opinions and tough stands on hard core issues. That he is a truly gifted musician and considered as 'The Mozart Man' adds to his charming personality. Like they say that there is a thin line between genius and insanity, Siddhartha has his own personal demons to tackle and it is in those instances we get a touching glimpse of his persona.

The love of his life Ruby as he fondly calls is the wind beneath his wings and an inspiration to many of his compositions. Her character as well as the others like her dad, mom and even her twin sister have been very well etched. The book mostly a first person narrative through the eyes of the protagonist, traverses the life of Siddhartha from his days in Harvard to his days as the Prime Minister of India. Set in the backdrop of terrorism and attempts at nuclear warfare, the book highlights the current topical scenario to the core. Seamless weaving of the past and present without losing the plot is yet another highlight for which the author has to be given due credit. Once I started reading, I hardly put the book down and there was a palpable sense of excitement in my heart. At one point of time I secretly hoped that Sid turns out OK at the end; such was the connect! 

Another thing which drew me to the protagonist are his radical ideas to tackle threats. Hope we have such a person at the helm who is ready to take the bull by the horns! In politics, there is always an opposition and in this story too the role is very well essayed by Rukmani Devi. Her no nonsense behaviour as well as her passionate urge to bring about a change is well portrayed. I had guessed the great reveal that comes at the end of the book but it does not take away the gripping drama.

However I would have loved a little more political struggle. No way the book is a total political thriller; the personal drama and battles downs the political fracas of India which the book could have brought out.

Before I give my yays and nays, I have to talk about the author. Tabrik C the debutante author has managed to capture the readers with his fine narrative skills. That he is a perfumer and a political enthusiast/observer is obvious.  What I liked most is that his writing skills has the emotional connect. Looking forward to many more of his books. 

Yay to :-

  • Gripping page turner
  • Intense emotional connect with the reader
  • The book provokes the reader to think about the choices and the power to exercise his vote for the right candidate.
  • Loved the moody cover.
Nay to :-
  • Tad Predictable 
  • Not a hardcore political/power struggle as I expected it to be
  • The revenge drama was not top-notch 

Final Word:-

“Sometimes one man must fight for what he feels is right, even against the majority. Something that is wrong does not change to right just because the majority approves it, ignores it, or the government says it is right. It is still wrong.” 

― Kenneth Eade, An Involuntary Spy

The book has its moments and stands out for its brilliant display of emotions. That the book sends across a positive note and a hope filled future is laudable. Despite the fact that it is more of personal struggle of the protagonist rather than his political struggle, the book is edgy to the core.

Author    :   Tabrik C
ISBN        :  9789350096703
Price       :  INR 350/-
Publisher :  Hachette Publications
Category  : Fiction 

Recommendation : Double Thumbs Up !

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