Monday, August 9, 2010

Civic Sense

I came across an article in NDTV web page on the success story of Delhi Metros. The message was loud and clear that if its success has to be replicated in other parts of India, the civic sense of people in general has to undergo a mammoth change. My parents who are currently visiting my sister in Swiss tell me how impeccable the country is. More importantly the attitude of people in keeping their city neat and clean is amazing they said. This set me thinking. While we Indians keep our homes clean, we do not think twice before spitting/ defecating on the roads. A sense of callousness and general apathy are truly the hallmarks of our people here.

How can we bring a change----??
a) Better Infrastructure and diligent maintenance. For example more sanitary/toilet facilities on roads with adequate maintenance regularly. This will help in slowly curbing the vice of treating roads as personal lavatories.Innovative lavatories without use of water like waterless composting toilets can be slowly and steadily introduced.

b)Even an educated person is guilty of lack of civic sense. So widespread awareness among people is the only way out. Print and electronic media can be positively used to bring out change.

c)Fines are Fine---- Charge fine if people do not adhere to basic decency. Spitting/shitting on roads is not acceptable and that must be adhered regularly. Offenders can be punished in a novel manner by asking them to clean their own shit/spit. This can be initially started in a few places and will sure put off people from doing in future.

Lastly like every drop of water adds to the ocean, every person's commitment in making the country a cleaner, better place will definitely pack a punch

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