Monday, August 9, 2010

Poles Apart!!!!

This morning i saw a lady instructor on the road mentoring car driving. Couple of grown ups, men mostly were also behind the driver' s seat. On the hot seat itself was a burly college kid getting a hang of the roads. She deftly manoeuvred the bumps and pits on the road and was simply a treat to watch. I felt a thrill that ladies who are always written off as bad drivers are today teaching how to drive. It's nothing new, but i am in Trichy which still is not that metropolitan as compared to other cities.So i felt very kicked about it, as if i myself were tutoring those people. Now let me tell u a contrasting side to the woman folk in our country.....

A magazine had a detailed write up on the sorry state of woman folk in certain villages in our country.Places far and wide in India have still not woken up to the Incredible India!!!! . Women in those places are being brutally tortured physically and mentally branding them as witches. can u believe it??? It is totally humiliating when i read that women are tainted as witches by powerful people just to settle some scores or because they may have rebuffed sexual advances!!!! On one hand we have women venturing in all areas that were so far thought as men's only domain , and on the other such brutal practices exist.

Education alone can to a great extent alleviate us of such misery. Not only that empowering people in general and women in particular is the need of hour. More cooperative jobs in villages can be the start. Also, living in cities we need to give back our knowledge and resources to uplift the less fortunate.

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